Russell Investments

Client objective: Russell Investments wanted to share its thought leadership on outsourcing and how its consulting/fiduciary management solutions provide an important service for institutional clients in the $250 million-$3 billion asset range.

Solution: Pensions & Investments understands that education is a key driver of consideration among the institutional segment. To aid Russell Investments in building its brand within the growing field of outsourcing, it fielded primary research with its Research Advisory Panel, a group of qualified institutional investors who have opted-in to participate in research from P&I and our partners on relevant topics.

Using the research findings and fresh insights, P&I developed “De-risking Risk,” a series of research and companion pieces to show the market need, the importance of an outsourcing solution and to showcase Russell's capability to deliver custom solutions for this specific institutional market segment.

P&I then produced a multimedia program that included three research studies, three print reports, three webinars and a companion microsite.

Results: The microsite has 3,300 page views and 2,203 white paper downloads. Highly qualified readers spent an average of five minutes per page. The Webinars generated 718 leads and 400 live attendees. Additionally, the three printed reports were distributed to 50,000 qualified P&I readers.