Aberdeen Asset Management

Client objective: Aberdeen Asset Management, a global asset management group operating on-the-ground in 25 countries including Europe, Asia and the Americas, wanted to showcase its expertise and leadership in emerging markets and global investing to an institutional audience. They turned to Pensions & Investments Custom Media.

Solution: Last year, Aberdeen had reached out to P&I Custom Media to help it showcase its expertise and leadership in emerging markets. Fielding primary research with its research advisory group, P&I delivered an in-depth white paper “Emerging Markets” and a microsite on the topic based on the findings. Aberdeen was so pleased, they signed with P&I Custom Media for 2014. For the 2014 project, P&I determined that a research-based piece with a live event component would be the most effective way for Aberdeen to showcase its investment team and acumen, and providing new research on the outlook for global investing would be a draw for its audience of institutional investors.

P&I and Aberdeen took a plunge into the world of global investing, evaluating trends and best practices across the broad spectrum of global investing for institutional assets.

From Oct. 6-9, Pensions & Investments' Director of data and research, Aaron Cunningham, CAIA, moderated a four-city road show on "The Outlook for Global Investing." The road show unveiled the results of the research and served up discussions on the implications. A microsite showcased the event and Aberdeen's other though leadership on the topic.

The research, white paper “Surveying the World,” microsite and events were promoted through direct mail, email, online and print ads. The cross-platform marketing drove highly targeted and qualified leads to the live events and white paper downloads.

Results: Aberdeen created relationships with 70 executives from global companies who attended the road shows. Eleven white papers produced for Aberdeen have had 370 downloads as of Oct. 27, 2014.