Comcast Business, Clark Hill

Client objective: Comcast Business, one of the nation's largest telecommunication providers to small and mid-size businesses, as well as the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and the law firm, Clark Hill, are among the companies seeking access and conversations with C-suite executives. Their aim is similar. Demonstrate their niche expertise to the potential customers who would most benefit from it.

Solution: Crain's Detroit Business developed Executive Insights, an intimate roundtable with up to a dozen client-requested attendees.

Together, the client and attendees derive key insights about an important business topic. For example, a topic might be the growing demand for bandwidth driven by cloud applications and how it impacts a CIO's strategy and decision making. These insights are translated into an eight-page supplement distributed to 30,000 Crain's Detroit Business subscribers. A special digital presentation is also posted to crainsdetroit.com, with over 1M unique visitors monthly. Copies of the supplement are also provided to the client for their own marketing efforts

The supplement positions its client and their attendees as thought leaders in topics of importance to other business decision makers.

Results: Clients forge personal relationships with key companies who they may do business with in the future. Both clients and attendees gain media exposure using thought-leadership content for a desirable and influential business community.